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Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra

Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra (KPO) was established in March 1970.
In July 1978 it was authorized by the Kanagawa Prefectural Government as Incorporated Foundation and followed by as Public Interest Incorporated Foundation in April 2014.
We have been operating widely in the whole Kanagawa Prefecture area carrying the mission to contribute to the music associated culture of Kanagawa Prefecture.

Kentaro Kawase has been the principal conductor of KPO, the youngest of all in Japan, since April 2014 and Kazuhiro Koizumi, the special guest conductor also since April 2014. That is how we are paid attention. We also are proactively engaged in music education having many concerts for children from one place to another. That way we are letting them know how attractive music is through such events by us KPO members with the children, which is very much in favor helping increase the number of next generation fans of KPO.
In addition we are having volunteer concerts at various care homes around every year as well as travelling to other places of Japan.

Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra is so far given Ando Tametsugu Educational Memorial Award in 1983, Kanagawa Bunkasho ( Cultural ) Award in 1989, NHK Local Broadcast Cultural Award, and Yokohama Cultural Award in 2007.
Thus we are known widely engaging aggressively in multi- dimensional fields and areas.

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    Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra


    46 Daiichi Ueno Bld.1F Yamashitacho Naka-ku Yokohama-Shi Kanagawa
    TEL : 045-226-5045 (Weekday 10:00 - 18:00)
    FAX : 045-663-9338 (24hours)

    Ticket Service

    TEL : 045-226-5107 (Weekday 10:00 - 17:00)
    Votre Co., Ltd. (Operation agency)
    3-40-7 Pine Field Bldg.4F matsubara setagaya-ku Tokyo
    TEL : 03-6379-3475 (Outgoing only)

    Kanagawa Art Hall (Practice place)

    4-2 Hanamidai Hodogaya-ku Yokohama-Shi Kanagawa
    TEL : 045-331-4001 / FAX : 045-331-4022